investment criteria

high standards

Stadion was founded on the principles of providing a unique option to business owners looking to monetize their business other than traditional private equity or strategic acquisition.  Our reputation is built on strong partnerships, integrity, and a focus on excellence.  In each investment, we work side by side with business owners to identify their goals, collaborate and develop the best strategy, and execute that strategy to accomplish those goals.

long-term focus

We look to buy and build businesses, not buy and flip.  The long-term vision of the owner remains intact under a Stadion partnership. We understand the desire to achieve liquidity for all your hard work but also recognize the importance of preserving your legacy.  When we enter an investment, we do not anticipate earning our money back through reselling the company.  Stadion’s investment strategy is focused on long-term growth.

perfectly aligned partners

We position our financial interests with that of our companies and management teams by providing the right incentives.  Together, we become perfectly aligned partners with the goal of maximizing shareholder value.  As entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners, we respect the effort involved in building a company.  Every employee will be provided with a clear picture that defines the success of the business.

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