our x factor

permanent capital

Stadion’s capital is permanent.  In each deal, we invest our own money alongside partners who share the same philosophy to buy and build businesses.  Our investment has no predetermined time horizon allowing the team to successfully execute upon the opportunities available to the company and goals set by the management team.

trusted partnership

Stadion will continue to respect your autonomy to run your business. We provide management with the long-term flexibility and capital to invest in people, infrastructure, and operational improvements. Stadion has had significant success growing topline revenue organically while also building businesses through acquisitions.

value added

Stadion invests in companies to bring more opportunities. Our approach is to identify situations where we can leverage the expertise and network of our investment partners to help create substantial growth opportunities. Whether Stadion is providing customer introductions, analytical support, or board level direction, we are always looking for ways to generate more opportunities for the company.

top line revenue growth

Stadion looks to grow companies by bringing best practices learned through years of experience. We sit down with each business owner and explain step by step how we look to accomplish building the business using our resources, expertise, and personal network. Our partners focus on enhancing top line growth through leveraging our relationships while also working with the team to develop a metric driven sales.

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