Driver’s History

about DHIS

Drivers History is the industry leader in acquiring, processing/aggregating and distributing traffic and criminal related court data for insurance risk management. Drivers History maintains DocIT, a comprehensive real-time database of drivers in a variety of states that commit moving violations and other offenses. DocIT enhances insurance pricing, underwriting, fraud detection and retention activities. Privately held and headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ, Drivers History has been DHI had developed a proprietary network of data that allowed its customers to pre-screen potential insurance customers without obtaining a costly, and dated, Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).

the stadion factor

Stadion has proven record of investing in service businesses. We understand the capital constraints of an asset light business and how to create scale within an organization.

Stadion viewed DHIS as a platform that could grow organically in different geographic markets through additional data acquisition. Stadion leveraged its investor network to help drive revenue growth in DHI. With Stadion’s capital the management team was able grow the top line revenue. DHIS was named as one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing software services companies, and was a three year honoree to the Inc. 5000 fastest growing software services company during our investment period.

TransUnion acquired a majority interest in Drivers History, a leading provider of traffic violations and criminal court data. This transaction enhances TransUnion’s position as a trusted provider of data and analytic solutions to the insurance industry and strengthens Drivers History’s offering and market access by leveraging TransUnion’s carrier relationships and connectivity. Stadion agreed to sell its ownership to Transunion in 2014 in order to help the management team and DHIS achieve their goals.

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Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

“DHIS was named to Inc. 500’s fastest growing software service companies. We could not have gotten there without the Stadion guidance and expertise.”