Scioto Properties

about Scioto Properties

Scioto acquires and leases community residential properties to Care Providers primarily serving I/DD individuals. The Company leases its portfolio of 835 properties to these Care Providers, 53% of which are on a triple-net lease basis. The Company also offers property design and building oversight services to renovate existing homes or build new properties on a client-by-client basis in order to meet specific customer needs and requirements. Scioto is the largest national provider of real estate leasing in the DD industry.

the stadion factor

The company needed significant debt and equity capital for growth. Stadion helped identify debt and preferred equity investors to help fund the company.
Two years after our investment, Stadion introduced a large institutional investor to help fund the explosive growth of Scioto.
In 2015 the company was recapitalized to give the founders liquidity and provide additional capital for growth. Stadion rolled 100% of its equity and followed on with additional capital to support growth in 2016.

4145 Powell Road
Powell, Ohio 43065

“Scioto is not just positioned as a leader in the industry because of Stadion’s expertise, but with their guidance, they helped us to source an institutional investor to take us to the next level”.

-Dave Potts, Original Founding Partner